Alan Oishi

Alan is an international partner in Shirlaws, an organisation that advises private enterprise on how to grow, fund, exit and enjoy.

Alan brings over 20 years of experience in leading growth in both large and small businesses. The diversity of his experience includes valuation consulting, sales, corporate finance, eBusiness, mergers & acquisitions, COO and CEO roles. Alan has led successful start-ups, developed new management systems, restructured corporate enterprises, and positioned businesses for succession.

Alan is passionate about helping CEOs and business leaders to align their businesses behind a common vision and then identify and build the assets that will drive profitable growth, balanced lifestyle and higher equity returns on sell down and exit.

In Alan’s knowledge and experience, the skills required to drive future growth are often not the same skills that have created the growth in the past. Furthermore, business leaders typically struggle with creating more time, more money and less stress for themselves, their family and/or their businesses.

Alan provides perspective on what is required at different stages of the journey to support business leaders accelerating success of the business, its people and the community at large. Ultimately, this success is driven by both the right commercial strategy and cultural alignment that ensures successful implementation. Alan’s client report feeling “of being part of a family” and he helps them connect to a deep sense of calm and inspiration about the possiblities for the future.

About Alan:
• Known for his strategic perspective
• Runs strategy retreats for leadership teams
• Keynote speaker for entrepreneurial groups
• Provides one on one coaching for CEOs
• Supports his community by mentoring young people that are interested in business

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